(UPDATED) Sep 6 2018 - The following candidates have been endorsed by the Minnesota AFL-CIO for the 2018 election. Visit www.mnvotes.org to check your registration, register to vote, and find out where you vote.  

Governor & Lieutenant Governor  Tim Walz & Peggy Flanagan 

United States Senate  

Attorney General  Keith Ellison

Secretary of State  Steve Simon

State Auditor  Julie Blaha

United States Congress

District 1: Dan Feehan

District 2: Angie Craig

District 3: Dean Phillips

District 4: Betty McCollum

District 5: Ilhan Omar

District 6: Ian Todd

District 7: Colin Peterson

District 8: Joe Radinovich

Minnesota Senate

District 13 (Special Election): Joe Perske

Minnesota House

District 1A: Stephen Moeller

District 1B: Brent Lindstrom

District 2A: Michael Northbird

District 2B: Karen Branden

District 3A: Rob Ecklund

District 3B: Mary Murphy

District 4A: Ben Lien

District 4B: Paul Marquart

District 5A: John Persell

District 5B: Pat Medure

District 6A: Julie Sandstede

District 6B: Dave Lislegard

District 7A: Jen Schultz

District 7B: Liz Olson

District 8A: Brittney Johnson

District 8B: Gail Kulp

District 9A: Alex Hering

District 9B: Stephen Browning

District 10A: Dale Menk

District 10B: Phil Yetzer

District 11A: Mike Sundin

District 11B: Tim Burkhardt

District 12A: Murray Smart

District 13A: Jim Read

District 13B: Heidi Everett

District 14A: Aric Putnam

District 14B: Dan Wolgamott

District 15A: Emy Minzel

District 15B: Karla Scapanski

District 16A: Tom Wyatt-Yerka

District 16B: Mindy Kimmel

District 17A: Lyle Koenen

District 17B: Anita Flowe

District 19A: Jeff Brand

District 20A: Barbara Dröher Kline

District 21A: Lori Ann Clark

District 21B: Jonathan Isenor

District 22A: Maxwell Kaufman

District 22B: Cheniqua Johnson

District 23A: Heather Klassen

District 24A: Joe Heegard

District 24B: Yvette Marthaler

District 25A: Jamie Mahlberg

District 25B: Duane Sauke

District 26B: Tyrel Clark

District 27A: Terry Gjersvik

District 27B: Jeanne Poppe

District 28B: Thomas Trehus

District 29B: Sharon McGinty

District 30A: Sarah Hamlin

District 30B: Margaret Fernandez

District 31A: Bradley Brown

District 31B: Sue Larson

District 32A: Renae Berg

District 32B: Jeff Peterson

District 34A: Dan Solon

District 34B: Kristin Bahner

District 35A: Bill Vikander

District 35B: Kathryn Eckhardt

District 36A: Zack Stephenson

District 36B: Melissa Hortman

District 37A: Erin Koegel

District 37B: Amir Malik

District 38B: Ami Wazlawik

District 39A: Ann Mozey

District 39B: Shelly Christensen

District 40A: Mike Nelson

District 40B: Samantha Vang

District 41A: Connie Bernardy

District 41B: Mary Kunesh-Podein

District 42A: Kelly Moller

District 42B: Jamie Becker-Finn

District 43A: Peter Fischer

District 43B: Leon Lillie

District 44A: Ginny Klevorn

District 44B: Patty Acomb

District 45A: Lyndon Carlson

District 45B: Mike Freiberg

District 46A: Ryan Winkler

District 46B: Cheryl Youakim

District 47B: Donzel Leggett

District 48A: Laurie Pryor

District 48B: Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn

District 49A: Heather Edelson

District 49B: Steve Elkins

District 50A: Michael Howard

District 50B: Andrew Carlson

District 51A: Sandra Masin

District 51B: Laurie Halverson

District 52A: Rick Hansen

District 52B: Ruth Richardson

District 53A: Tou Xiong

District 53B: Steve Sandell

District 54A: Anne Claflin

District 54B: Tina Folch

District 55A: Brad Tabke

District 56A: Hunter Cantrell

District 56B: Alice Mann

District 57A: Robert Bierman

District 57B: John Huot

District 58A: Maggie Williams

District 58B: Marla Vagts

District 59A: Fue Lee

District 59B: Raymond Dehn

District 60A: Diane Loeffler

District 61A: Frank Hornstein

District 61B: Jamie Long

District 62B: Aisha Gomez

District 63A: Jim Davnie

District 63B: Jean Wagenius

District 64B: Dave Pinto

District 65A: Rena Moran

District 65B: Carlos Mariani

District 66A: Alice Hausman

District 66B: John Lesch

District 67A: Tim Mahoney

District 67B: Jay Xiong