St. Paul Retail Update - Day 3

Day three of Retail Bargaining continued with two of the individual committees (Kowalski's and Jerry's) meeting with their employers.  Both the Employer representatives (from all 5 employer's) and the Union committee members felt the time was well spent in their individual caucuses.  Members were able to have candid conversations and work toward a better understanding of why the Union's proposals were important to the workers at the store.  Members representing the meat employees in the companies participating in the National (Chicago) Pension Plan met to discuss the recent changes in the pension calculation and resulting "excess" contribution.  Meat committee members were united in their desire to hold any "excess" in the 401A until needed (if needed) by the Fund.

The Union withdrew its proposal to delete all shelf stocking language in the contract.  The Union had filed class action grievances with all employers (except Knowlan's Festival) for what we believe are violations of the reset provisions of the contract.  The Union requested additional information to determine the scope of the violation, and will use the grievance and Arbitration procedure to clarify and resolve this issue.  The Union bargaining committee continues to focus on proposal that will increase the staffing of the stores with our own members.

The Employer stated that they would be prepared to present a full economic proposal to the committee on Tuesday March 29, 2016.  The committees are scheduled to meet on March 29, 30, and 31 of next week.

On behalf of the staff, Officers and Union Bargaining committee members - we wish you a very Happy Easter!