After our 7/5/17 meeting, the Union provided our proposal and updated to the Employer on 7/21.  The Employer proofread it and responded with some changes, Union Proposals 072117.pdf which we will review with the committee at our next meeting.  The Employer presented their revised proposal to the committee :Employer Proposals 072517.pdf  We are scheduled to meet again on 8/25/17. While progress has been made in many areas, the Union and Employer disagree on several policy changes proposed by the Employer. If you have questions prior to our next bargaining date please contact a member of your committee or Abraham Wangnoo.

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Negotiations at Good Samaritan's Austin Minnesota care center - Comforcare - are underway.  The Union presented a full proposal to the Employer on July 12 that contained proposals addressing members' concerns included among them were: language to address scheduling issues, safe staffing, PTO accrual improvements, paid holidays, and paid funeral leave.  

Management responded to the Union's proposals on July 20. Discussions at the table centered around the importance of communication, scheduling, and the nurses roles in the facility.  Committee members Gina Richardson and Lacy Shea had the opportunity to explain their concerns and the concerns to management, who from the Union's view point, seemed to be listening.  The Union had requested that the Employer post paper sign ups and schedules as well as the elelctronic versions.  The Employer asked if they could try this on the next schedule and the Union agreed.

The Union and the Employer are scheduled to continue negotiations on August 10 and 11.

Copies of the Union's original proposal and the Employer's counter proposal are below:

 Comforcare union proposal 07_12_17.pdf

 employer counter proposal 7_20_17.pdf 

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UFCW Local 1189 and Kinnic Health and Rehab have reached a tentative agreement.  Once a voting document is finalized, a ratification vote will be scheduled.  Members will be notified of these details soon.

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Contract negotiations surveys were mailed to all UFCW Local 1189 members working at Crothall Laundry this week.  Members are asked to complete and return the surveys to Local 1189 no later than June 23, 2017.

Related negotiations

A contract survey has been mailed to all UFCW Local 1189 members under the Linden Service-Maintenance agreement, the Lynnhurst Service-Maintenance agreement and the Lynnhurst LPNs agreement.  Members are asked to complete and return the survey to Local 1189 by June 23, 2017.