Local 1189 members working in St. Paul area grocery stores selected representatives from their stores to serve on the respective bargaining committees for this spring's negotiations.  Members were able to self nominate, or nominate a coworker in person, on-line, or through mail in survey process. President Christensen reserved the right to appoint additional members as needed in order to ensure all committees were representative of the membership.  The following is a list of nominated and selelcted union members who have agreed to serve on the 2019 Retail Bargaining Committees for the St. Paul area Grocery and Meat negotiations:

Cub (Corporate - UNFI)

  • Bob Jordan (FT Groc/Clean Team Mplw East)
  • Dan Swanson (FT Groc. Mplw West)
  • Josh Shir (FT Meat Mplw West)
  • Duane Starks (FT Dairy Forst Lake)
  • Rhonda Dooley (PT WBL South)
  • Dennis Reeves (PT Front-end Midway)
  • Patricia Morgan (FT Deli MPLW West)
  • Dean Nelson (FT Meat Midway)
  • Sabine Barker (FT Meat Midway)
  • Bill Cote (FT Groc Mplw East)

Lunds & Byerlys:

  • Kim Madigan (FT Deli, Roseville)
  • Terry McMullen (FT Meat, Roseville)
  • Terry Hoffmann (FT Grocery, Ford Parkway)
  • Buddie Bertrand-Pregler (FT Cheese, Pennfield)
  • Deb Mahmood Pabarcus (PT, Woodbury)


  • Joe Crow (FT Meat Mgr, White Bear K)
  • Dennis McMahon (FT Produce, WBCub)
  • Lester Tear (PT produce, Grand)
  • Mark McMahon (PT Front-end, Grand)
  • Shannon Millard (FT Bakery, WBCub)

Knowlan's Festival

  • Scottie Rotter (FT Meat)
  • Bob Klingner (FT Meat)
  • Karen Raschick (PT Front-end)
  • Jim Arnold (FT Grocery)

Jerry's (Cub, County Market, Jerry's Foods)

  • Aron Gault (FT Meat, Cub Woodbury)
  • Todd Johnson (FT Front-end, Larpenteur Cub)
  • Reggie Birts (PT Deli, SunRay Cub)
  • Tammy Bleier (PT, County Market Hudson)
  • Melissa Zambrano (PT, County Market North Branch)

Summary of tentative dates:

All Union Bargaining Committee members will be attending training on Collective Bargaining on  February 13, 2019.

Lunds & Byerlys has scheduled time to meet with the L&B Committee at the end of January for their initial session.

Cub has tentative dates scheduled in March and early April.   

Health and Welfare Trustees for the Union and the Employers have set aside March 13, 2019 to meet and discuss issues related to negotiated health benefits.

The contract expiration dates are:

  • 4/6/19 for Cub (UNFI), Jerry's, Kowalski's, and Festival
  • 4/7/19 for Lunds & Byerlys

Related negotiations

Nurses ratified new wage rates for RN and LPNs working at Good Samaritan's Austin facility. The Agreement increased the hiring and experience wage grid and provided the majority of nurses (those hired before 12/1/2017) with $ .65/hour increases. Nurses still in their first year of service with the company would receive increases equal to the new wage grid. 

Comforcare wage reopener 2018.pdf

No changes were made to the Flex Nurse position that was recently created and agreed to by the Employer and the Union as a solution to filling shift vacancies.

LOA Flex Nurses_091118.pdf

A tentative agreement was reached with Prairie Community Services on Friday, October 19.  The 3-year agreement includes wage increases across the scale and progressions effective 10/1/18 and 4/1/20, increased shift vacancy incentives, education credit, and other language changes.  The tentative agreement comes with full committee recommendation. A ratification vote will be held on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 from 9a-10a or 12:30p-2:30p in the basement meeting space at the Ridgewood Home.  Click on the link to view the entire tentative agreement:  PDF iconPCS Voting Doc 2018.pdf

The Union and Employer met on September 26, 2018 to continue bargaining.  The parties were able to reach several tentative agreements on language changes.  Economic proposals were discussed in-depth and the parties decided to invite the federal mediator to our next bargaining session, which is scheduled for October 19, 2018, to assist us in reaching settlement on these issues.  In addition, a contract extension was signed by the parties extending the current contract until October 31, 2018.  Stay tuned for further updates.

Negotiations began with Prairie Community Services on September 6, 2018.  The Union's negotiating committee includes Linda Haugen, Derek Hagen, Dawn Johnson, Jenna Peasley and Union Representative Tami Denn-Bauer.  The Union and Employer exchanged and discussed contract proposals and were able to come to agreement on many language changes, which were mostly clean-up items.  Economic proposals were presented and will be discussed at our next scheduled meeting(s), which will be held on September 26 and if needed, October 19.  We will continue to update you as these negotiations progress.