Negotiations at Duluth's Whole Foods Co-op stores have continued to make forward progress; however, not as quickly as the Union might like.  It is common in the course of a first contract to spend a great deal of time working to get things right - equally common is the desire for things to be over with.  Union bargaining committee members have been diligent in their work toward ensuring that co-op values remain a core focus in the negotiation process and their hard work is beginning to pay off as the agreement starts to come together.

Below are the most recent updates on where the two "sides" are at. 

Union's most recent proposal: _whole foods co-op - 9 26 2017.pdf

Employer's most recent proposal: WFC Proposal 2017 09 26 w-o highlighting.pdf

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Negotiations were held on September 21-22, 2017 wherein contract proposals were exchanged.  The Employer submitted 45 proposals to the Union's 11.  View the proposals by clicking on the link.  Negotiations will continue on November 1-2, 2017. Sauer Proposals 2017.pdf

On Wednesday September 13, 2017 the Union Nurses at St. Marks reached a tentative agreement with their employer.  The proposed settlement includes a 3% increase for all wages and scales, retention and refferal bonuses, language  regarding continuity of care (option to work the same unit if mandated and primary unit assignments), and pto for on-call and inhouse pool nurses. The proposed agreement would expire 12/31/2019 and includes a re-opener for wages on 1/1/19.  

Voting will be schedule the first week in October. 

Read the summary of changes: st Marks summary of changes.pdf

Read the draft of the proposed agreement: St Mark's final proposal 2017.pdf


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Contract negotiations continued with the Employer on September 14, 2017.  Negotiating committee members were given copies of the Employer's proposal to distribute to members in each facility.  While it is still early in the process and two additional dates have been scheduled, it is very likely that a tentative agreement will not be reached prior to the expiration of the contract; therefore, contract extensions have been agreed to for all three contracts.  Negotiations will resume on September 19 and we will continue to update the members at these facilities.

After our 7/5/17 meeting, the Union provided our proposal and updated to the Employer on 7/21.  The Employer proofread it and responded with some changes, Union Proposals 072117.pdf which we will review with the committee at our next meeting.  The Employer presented their revised proposal to the committee :Employer Proposals 072517.pdf  We are scheduled to meet again on 8/25/17. While progress has been made in many areas, the Union and Employer disagree on several policy changes proposed by the Employer. If you have questions prior to our next bargaining date please contact a member of your committee or Abraham Wangnoo.

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