On April 20, 2017 the UFCW Union committee and negotiating team met with the company for the first scheduled bargaining meeting.  The first set of meetings started off with a round of introductions before each party explained their proposal.  The Union proposal, which was derived from a combination of best practices, WFC surveys and results from listening sessions was presented item by item to the company.  The Company, in a showing of good faith also proposed a number of items including Union recognition, non-discrimination/harassment and a grievance and arbitration procedure. 

Brandon Smith of the front end and member of the original organizing committee said, “I felt like we had a really great proposal that included everything that employees wanted to see in our workplace.  I feel it was a really solid way to start negotiations and that this is a document that the company can work with so we can get a really comprehensive contract for our coworkers.  This proposal comes down to security.  It provides security in every article for my colleagues and myself.”

“The Company was respectful, listened and engaged in conversations about a number of articles.  They didn’t have any responses day one, but that is to be expected.  I look forward to our next session,” said Abraham Wangnoo, Organizing Director for UFCW Local 1189. 

The Lead negotiator for the Union was Local President Jennifer Christensen, who also was the lead on the Wedge and Co-op Partners Warehouse contract negotiations.  She added that “our negotiating committee is a well-rounded, respected and diverse group from many different departments.  They had good ideas and offered creative solutions during our small group discussion.  They are an asset to everyone in the bargaining unit and the Union.”

Negotiations are set to resume on May 5th at the co-op’s Hillside location.

Read the Union Committe's initial proposal: _whole foods co-op - 4 20 2017.pdf<br>

Reax the Employer's initial propos: wfc company proposal 4 20 2017.pdf

Related negotiations

UFCW Local 1189 and Miner's Super One signed an agreement regarding their pending purchase of Cub Foods Grand Rapids. The store will continue to operate as a Union UFCW Local 1189 grocery store.

Details of the Agreement can be found here:   Transition Agreement (Cub Grand Rapids and Miner's Inc) 3.14.17.pdf

According to press statements Jerry Miner said “This decision was very difficult, but we decided that the time was right to retire form the grocery business....At that point our concern was for the ongoing operation of our store. We wanted to find the best opportunity for the successful continuation of our family-owned grocery business in an increasingly competitive retail environment. As a regional retail grocery company, Miner’s Super One organization is best positioned to serve our customers and the community.”

Jim Miner, Jr., President of Miner’s Incorporated stated, “We look forward to acquiring Uncle Jerry’s Grand Rapids store. In a very real way, we are returning to our family roots. We have been continually looking for ways to grow our grocery business and we are very excited about integrating Jerry’s Grand Rapids store into our organization.”

The Grand Rapids Cub Foods store currently employs 100 individuals. The store will be rebranded as Super One Foods, and all current employees have been offered interviews for employment with Super One. The liquor store was also included in this sale.

The transaction is scheduled to close in April. 

Golden Living has offered their last, best and final offer regarding effects bargaining.  Voting will take place on February 20, 201 at both facilities -- 5:30-6:30 a.m. and 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. in the breakrooms.  Click on the link to view offer document:  goldenlivingfinaloffer.pdf

UFCW Local 1189 reached an agreement with SuperValu to amend their St. Paul area contracts and increase the starting rates for new hires to $11.00 per hour.  Current part-time employees who are below this rate will move to the nearest higher rate in the contract ($11.10), receive credit for the hours at that step and will progress from there on the appropriate wage scale.

The Union and the Employer agreed to a new wage progression with increases based on hours worked.  Regardless of the date an employee was hired, all workers will have the ability to reach the top part-time rate of $15.50 (to be effective 10/7/2018).

UFCW Local 1189 continues to focuses on fighting for equal pay for equal work and has dedicated itself to raising the rates for all members while maintaining good full-time jobs, exceptional benefits, and opportunities for promotions.

Linked below are the signed Letter of Agreement and Wage progressions that will be in effect for Regular Part-time - including “Prime-time Part-time” but excluding the Employer’s “Clean-team” entry level classification.

UFCW Local 1189 President Jennifer Christensen stated, “While the Employer’s entry level “Clean Team” members do not receive the automatic bump, they have the contractual right to apply for and be considered for Regular Part-time positions by seniority -  meaning before the Employer hires from outside (who have no seniority).  We encourage our “Clean Team” members who are able to perform the duties of a Part-time grocery worker to notify their employer of their desire for promotion in order to take advantage of the new scale.”

“We applaud the Employer for doing the right thing,” said President Christensen, “and feel that it is important that the community be made aware of our agreement.”

New starting rates and increases for current employees are effective February 5, 2017.

Stores covered by the amended wage agreement include all St. Paul area corporate SuperValu Cub and Rainbow Stores. (Cub Stores: White Bear Lake South, Maplewood East, Maplewood West, Arden Hills, Stillwater, Oakdale, Arcade, Phalen, Forest Lake, Blaine East, Inver Grove Heights, Cottage Grove, Hastings, and Midway; Rainbow Stores: Midway and Maplewood).

For more information contact President Jennifer Christensen at: 651-451-6240 or email:

Information about UFCW Local 1189 is available on the Web at

signed 1189 wage inc loa 2-5-17.pdf








Members at Oakland Park Communities in Thief River Falls unanimously ratified a two year contract January 30, 2017.  Members will receive an increase in each year of the contract towards their health insurance.  Members also will receive premium pay for working on their scheduled days off on the weekend.  LPNs will receive $.75 per hour each year and all other members will receive $.50 per hour each year retroactive to January 2, 2017.  Congratulations!