The WFC Bargaining Committee and management sat down again for another round of negotiations on Wednesday, February 14th. Here are the things we discussed:

Wage Rates - We are still holding to a wage structure that would immediately give everyone a significant raise and we are proposing extending the wage level caps, Management has proposed raises that we believe will not encourage longevity or create sustainable jobs at the Co-op.

Produce Pick Up - Management has agreed to include a section about produce pick up in our contract. “The Employer will provide produce pick up, when available, to employees in a designated place under Produce Department procedures.”

PTO/UTO - We have agreed that the accrual rates will stay the same. The cap for PTO will be extended to 160 hours and will be handled as follows, “Employees who have accrued between 128 and 160 hours of PTO as of their anniversary date shall be paid out for all accrued unused PTO in excess of 128 hours upon written request.” This allows people to bank their hours and if they choose not to use them they will not lose them, but instead will be paid out in full for them.

Holidays - The Bargaining Committee is still holding to our 4 paid holidays. Management is still holding fewer than that but has brought a Floating Holiday proposal. 

Our next meeting is Tuesday February 27th at 10am. If workers have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any member of the bargaining committee (Rianna, Tina, Brandon, or Solomon).

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Negotiations at Inter-Faith have continued to be successful. Further progress was made on healthcare and wages. Another date has been scheduled for February. Stay tuned for more information!

On Thursday, November 30 the nurses (RNS and LPNs) at Good Samaritan's Comforcare facility in Austin ratified a new two year agreement offering across the board wage increases for all bargaining unit nurses.  The new agreement contains a wage and PTO reopener in the second year of the agreement.  The nurses formed their union in order to be a positive voice not only for for each other, but for the residents as well. The union bargaining committee was pleased with the employer’s willingness to listen to the nurses concerns and their agreement to establish a labor/management committee at the facility to keep the lines of communication open.  UFCW Local 1189 President Jennifer Christensen, "This is a great group of nurses who were motivated by their compassion for their residents and their fellow nurses.  We appreciate Good Samaritan taking the opportunity to really listen to their concerns."

 Comforcare Contract Proposals for ratification.pdf

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The Employer and the Union reached a tentative agreement on a first contract for the RNs and LPNs at Good Samaritan's Austin MN care facility. A member meeting/ratification vote is schedule for November 30th from 1-4 pm at the facility in the conference room. Read the proposed contract:  Comforcare Contract Proposals for ratification.pdf

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Negotiations at Duluth's Whole Foods Co-op stores have continued to make forward progress; however, not as quickly as the Union might like.  It is common in the course of a first contract to spend a great deal of time working to get things right - equally common is the desire for things to be over with.  Union bargaining committee members have been diligent in their work toward ensuring that co-op values remain a core focus in the negotiation process and their hard work is beginning to pay off as the agreement starts to come together.

Below are the most recent updates on where the two "sides" are at. 

Union's most recent proposal: _whole foods co-op - 9 26 2017.pdf

Employer's most recent proposal: WFC Proposal 2017 09 26 w-o highlighting.pdf

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