Ask the Democratic Platform Committee to Oppose the TPP

From Citizens Trade Organization:  Last month, thousands of Citizens Trade Campaign supporters submitted testimony to both the Democratic and Republican Party Platform Committees, urging them to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreemet in their party platforms. Unfortunately, the drafting committee for the Democratic Party has since met, and decided not to include a clear rejection of the TPP in its draft platform.  The full Democratic Platform Committee is meeting later this week, however, and they have the opportunity to fix that error, by issuing a clear condemnation of the TPP.  TAKE ACTION: Please sign our petition urging the Democratic Platform Committee to unequivocally oppose the TPP.  Responding to voter anger over trade, each-and-every leading presidential candidate has repeatedly voiced opposition to the TPP.  Politically, it should not be a stretch for their parties to follow suit.  We’d like you to join us in continuing to ask both parties' platform committees to state clearly that the TPP does not deserve the support of Congress, whether during a “lame duck” session or otherwise.  The official estimate of the TPP by the U.S. International Trade Commission, a body with a long history of overestimating the benefits of trade proposals, shows that the proposed pact’s benefits to the U.S. economy would be negligible.  Its risks, meanwhile, are extremely significant.  Among other significant problems:

  • The TPP threatens to offshore good-paying American jobs, lower wages and increase inequality;
  • The TPP would give transnational corporations new tools for attacking existing and future environmental protections;
  • The TPP would increase health care costs and reduce access to generic medication;
  • The TPP would jeopardize the health of the food we feed our families and put unfair pressures on American farmers and producers; and
  • The TPP would put corporate profits ahead of addressing serious and ongoing human rights abuses.

The only good news about the TPP is that it is so awful and far-reaching that it has united a powerful, cross-sector “movement of movements” against it.  Literally thousands of organizations and millions of individuals have spoken out against the TPP.  It’s time for the political parties to do the same.

TAKE ACTION NOW:  Please ask the Democratic Party Platform Committee to speak out clearly against the TPP.

Please take action now.  Only by insisting that bad policies be rejected, and that Americans be brought together through a transparent and democratic process, will we ever achieve trade agreements that benefit majorities of people at home and abroad, rather than just a relative handful of well-connected corporate elites.