AT&T is Not Above The Law!

DEFEND MINNESOTA WORKERS RIGHT TO FAMILY SICK LEAVE!   Rally and Pack the Federal Courtroom on Friday July 17th 10:30amMinneapolis U.S. District Court 300 S. 4th St Minneapolis MN 55415 Friday July 17th 2015 workers’ rights under MN state law will hang in the balance.AT&T, one of the world’s largest and most profitable corporations, has taken Minnesota’s Department of Labor to federal court to prevent the agency from enforcing MN STATUTE 181.9413 SICK LEAVE BENEFITS; CARE OF RELATIVES ACT. For over a year and a half AT&T has stubbornly refused to recognize this law for its employees with over 25 years of service with the company. Union members who have had to take leave to care for medical issues with their children, grandchildren, spouses, siblings and parents have been denied the paid time under the law.While unions and other progressives around the country have begun fighting to expand sick pay laws and protections, AT&T is trying to push back the clock. The company must think they are too big and too powerful to be forced to follow Minnesota Law. They have contracted with an expensive anti-union national law firm to represent them – costing the corporation much more than it would have to simply recognize this legal benefit to its employees – all in an effort to remain above the law.The workers at AT&T have not taken this lying down. We organized and mobilized for our rights. We grieved the violations, submitted complaints to the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry, who demanded the company follow the law. Two months ago the workers at the AT&T Tower in downtown Minneapolis shut down the call center in a grievance strike over this issue.On Friday July 17th at 8:00am AT&T workers and our allies will rally outside the federal building and then pack the courtroom. We want our strong and dignified presence to be a reminder of the human factor. We want them to see the faces of the people actually effected by AT&T’s arrogant refusal to comply with the law.Please Join Us!Contacts:Kieran Knutson                                                                              Shari WojtowiczCWA Local 7250 Area VP                                                            CWA Local 7250 President612-516-7335