Bargaining Update - Essentia Health Moose Lake

UFCW 1189 and Essentia Health (EH) have begun negotiations for our members to obtain a new contract. When EH purchased Mercy Hospital they agreed to recognize the Union but would not recognize our members' contract. In speaking with other employees and other Unions that are in the same process as we are, it looked as though EH wanted to gut the Mercy contracts. The only option before the committee was to bargain for a whole new contract. We knew the process was going to be slow moving and tough and it certainly is. We are currently working on non-economic issues (issues that deal with day to day work) and have not even begun to discuss wages.

Essentia Health feels that there is no need to put many of the most basic protections in the contract. They say they don't want to "slow down the process." And have instead accused the Union of trying to slow things down threatening to take 2 years to work through the proposals we have presented.

We will not allow Essentia Health to bully us into a contract that does not give members adequate protections in the workplace!

The proposals the Union has presented build protections for our members to keep everyone working and working on a fair playing field.  The Employer's proposals do none of this.

When looking at the Union’s proposals, Articles that seems lengthy or difficult to understand have a brief summary at the end of the proposed Article.

We ask that you continue to support our bargaining committee and we will update you as we progress through this process.

As of today we have asked EH for additional negotiation dates and are awaiting their response.

Updated Union Proposals.  PDF icon 2020 EH Moose Lake Summary of non economic proposals.pdf

Updated Employer Proposals.  PDF icon EH Employer Proposals.pdf