Capitol Update

The Capitol has been renovated and it is sparkling.  Tours are free and it is the peoples' house, so I wouild encourage all members to check it out.  Yesterday at the MN state house, 100 bills were introduced, and in the MN state senate two dozen bills were introduced.  The bills were a collection on anti-worker intiatives, healthcare reform or dismantling of MNsure, and some social initiatives legislation added to distract people from real issues.For our members who work in long-term care and related facilities we are in a budget year.  Funding, staffing, along with raising standards will be on the table.  We would urge members to contact their state legislators and offer insights on how best both residents and workers can be lifted up with better resources.For our members in retail we will be pursuing worker safety, the end of business subsidies (corporate welfare) for large retailers that drag down our standards, and we will seek resources for Good Food Policies that create union jobs and career ladders.For our members who work in processing/manufacturing we will continue to fight for worker safety, access to training, and food safety.  We also recognize that Minnesota must lead the way in respecting immigrant rights and dignity in the workplace.We will be reaching out to you when we need to fill hearing rooms and the Capitol with workers.  If we stand together we have power. Solidarity works!Bernie Hesse, Director of Special Projects