Cincinnati First OH City to Pass Wage Theft Ordinance

From (part of the USA Today network), 2/3/16:  Cincinnati became the first city in Ohio to pass an ordinance to improve enforcement of existing wage laws.  Members of city council voted 7-2 Wednesday to pass the ordinance. Under the measure, if the city or another agency determines a company has committed wage theft, city officials would be able to have the money returned and the company would be barred from doing business with the city.  Against it: Council’s two Republican members, Amy Murray and Charlie Winburn. They wanted the ordinance to apply only to people working legally. Councilman David Mann, who authored the ordinance, refused to entertain Murray’s amendment.  “This is the exact same kind of attack on undocumented workers as Donald Trump,” said Councilman Chris Seelbach. “Workers deserve to be treated equally under the law.”  Councilman Wendell Young praised Mann for bringing the issue to Council.  Click here to read the entire article.