City, RK Midway Statements Regarding Future of Snelling Midway Site

SAINT PAUL – As the Saint Paul City Council considers the Development and Use agreements for the Major League Soccer (MLS) stadium, there are questions about the future of the rest of the Snelling Midway site. City leaders have talked with a Rainbow Foods employee and the UFCW union representative about the change that is coming, as recent site maps have made clear that the Rainbow Foods grocery store will be impacted by the soccer stadium development.  “The corner of Snelling and University is an important workforce hub, and it will continue to be in the redevelopment of the Snelling Midway site,” said Mayor Chris Coleman. “We are committed to not only retaining the current jobs, but growing the number of living wage jobs tenfold.”  The city initiated a Jobs Task Force in December of 2015, to assemble government and non-profit resources to help businesses and workers through the transition caused by the private development. In January, the group shared preliminary recommendations to the Community Advisory Committee, and will present a strategy to the Planning Commission by late Spring. The Task Force will be responsive as future needs arise through the redevelopment process.  “I know that the Midway Shopping Center is a resource for many members of my community,” said Ward 1 Councilmember Dai Thao. “As the representative for this area, I am committed to making sure everyone has access to the good jobs, housing, grocery stores and other amenities that will develop at this site. This is a tremendous opportunity for our Ward and I look forward to everyone sharing in the excitement.”  Rick Birdoff, owner of RK Midway and the private land that will be utilized as part of the stadium site, has also spoken with representatives of SuperValu.  “My hope is that all of the tenants of the Midway Shopping Center will relocate into the new buildings being planned in the redevelopment,” said Birdoff. “As discussions with SuperValu, the owner of Rainbow Foods progresses, I am hopeful that they will choose to be a part of the vibrant new development.”