Community Call to Reinstate Worker Injured on the Job

4/17/14 - A delegation of members of the community showed their support for Gabriel Teneyuque by standing with him and demanding that he be reinstated.  Surrounded by community members, Gabriel delivered a letter from the community to the Store Manager. 
Dear Chris Moran:
   We as members of the community are here on behalf of Gabriel Teneyuque who was fired related to an injury on the job. We understand that Walmart has a policy to report any injuries or accidents the day that it occurred but under Minnesota State law employees have up to six months to file a claim. Firing someone who reported an accident on the job is not a good business practice. Your associates should feel comfortable approaching any manager to let them know what happened without fearing for their job.
   We understand that Gabe has filed an Unfair Labor Practice against Walmart. As members of the community we would like to see Gabe reinstated and would like an answer by close of business today April 17th. You can contact Gabe directly to let him know. If Gabe does not hear back from Walmart management by the end of today we support Gabe going to the media and local politicians to tell his story.
We appreciate your time,
   Members of the Apple Valley Community and OUR Walmart MN