Cost of Doing Business: How Much Does MN Spend on Subsidizing Private Companies?

From, 1/30/17:  What do Brau Brothers Brewing Co., Minnesota Rubber and Plastics and Walmart have in common?  They all received subsidies from state or local governments in Minnesota in recent years, along with hundreds of other businesses, according to Good Jobs First, a Washington, D.C. nonprofit that tracks subsidies in an effort to promote government and corporate accountability.  With $250,000 in grants and loans, Marshall helped bring Brau Brothers Brewing into its city limits in 2013 from a nearby town. Minnesota Rubber and Plastics, a manufacturing company, was approved for $200,000 in loans and grants to expand in a facility in Meeker County in 2011. And Mankato agreed to provide Walmart with $5.3 million worth of grants, tax abatements, and contributions to infrastructure in 2005 to support construction of a distribution center for the benefit of the tax base and "creating high-quality job growth,” according to DEED... Read entire article here.