CPW Negotiations Update

The Union and Employer have completed two bargaining sessions to date with the first being held on September 6 and the second on September 25, 2018.  The four members serving on the Union committee are Gary Cusick, Erik Johnson, Patricia Good and Amber Westley.  Gary, Erik and Patricia are also the Warehouse's stewards.

On the first day of bargaining the Union presented to the Employer proposals which were drafted based on the results of the member survey. The Employer provided the first wage proposal near the end of bargaining.  The parties agreed in principle on four items including language on overtime as it relates to staffing levels, holiday and personal days to adhere to the St. Paul earned sick and safe policy, vacation banking, and an agreement that the Employer will communicate changes in health care premiums prior to rolling out any new policy to the workforce. 

The second session was mainly spent on economics.  After much discussion, the Union and Employer were not able to reach an agreement on wages.   The October 5, 2018 bargaining session will focus on the financial aspects of the contract.  Once an agreement is reached, a meeting will be held at the Warehouse to discuss the changes and to vote on whether or not to ratify the new agreement.  We will post an update after the next bargaining session.