CTUL Members Need Our Help!

Alicia Yopihua, Romualdo Romero, Julio Romero, and Demecio Romero have worked cleaning the Lexus of Wayzata, Village Chevrolet, and Auto Bargain Center Lot for ROC Commerical Cleaning and subcontractors of ROC for the past 8 years. As of last week, they were earning less than they were making eight years ago.  On June 9, they participated in a one-day strike together with workers from 7 other companies for better wages and working conditions. That same day, the ROC cut the contract of their subcontractor and the workers were forced to turn in their keys. It is clear to the workers that they were fired for going on strike, and have filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board. But how long will workers be out of a job before that charge is resolved?The owners of the dealerships where these workers cleaned have a lot of power to decide who cleans their buildings. We are asking you, as an ally of CTUL and the workers who went on strike on June 9th, to make a phone call to the dealerships, tell them that ROC's retaliation against workers is unacceptable and potentially illegal, and we are asking them to hold ROC responsible and give the workers their jobs back!PHONE NUMBERS:
- Lexus of Wayzata, 952-476-6111
- Village Chevrolet, 952-473-5444SAMPLE SCRIPT:- Can I speak with the General Manager?  Hi my name is ____ and I live in ___.  If you have purchased a car at either dealer: I purchased my car at (Lexus, Chevrolet, or Auto Bargain Center) in (year).  I'm calling today because I'm concerned to hear that workers who clean your dealership were fired after going on strike against the cleaning company where they work, even though the right to strike is federally protected.  Workers have already filed an Unfair Labor Practice because this looks like an illegal action.  As a (customer, elected official, concerned member of the community, etc), I want to make sure that workers who organize for better wages and working conditions can do so without fear of retaliation. What do you think?  (Person on phone will say we're not responsible...)  The dealership can take action to hold their contractor responsible for their behavior.  I'm asking the dealership to tell ROC to bring back these workers and their subcontractor and to give them the raise that they deserve. Can you put in a call to ROC?