Cub Members Unite in Scheduling Concerns

Update 9/23/16:  It is Local 1189's understanding that your Employer is attempting to resolve these issues through each individual store director and department.  We received an email from Tracy McDonald late on Thursday evening detailing the steps they have taken to confirm this.  Read the email here:  PDF icon TMc Cub Response to Grocery concerns.pdfWhile Local 1189 has notified the NLRB to withdraw our charges against Cub, be assured we will continue to make sure the Employer is following our contract.  Please contact Jennifer Christensen or Tami Denn-Bauer with any further violation complaints or questions.--------------------------------------------------Local 1189 members working at Cub Foods came together at the general membership meeting on September 21 to voice their complaints and concerns regarding their Employer's scheduling violations with the rollout of their new "Strong Close/Strong Open" program.  President Christensen let those in attendance know that we are fighting for them and are working very hard with the Employer to make sure they correct their violations and follow our contract language.  Local 1189 has sent a clear and strong message to the Employer that we will not stand by and allow them to disrupt our members' lives in such a negative manner.  Prior to the Union meeting, President Christensen and Union Representative Tami Denn-Bauer met with Employer Human Resources representatives Tracy McDonald and Ashley Jordan.  In what was scheduled to be a 3-hour meeting to discuss these matters turned into a 7-hour meeting.  Individual department schedules for many stores were reviewed and solutions for the violations discussed.  A follow-up meeting was held this morning, September 22, with Tracy McDonald to review the Union's position and resolutions.  We will continue to update our members and hope to have more information by Friday.