Demand No Vote on NAFTA 2.0 Until It’s Fixed

Arthur Stamoulis, Executive Director CITIZENS TRADE CAMPAIGN calls for action to stop NAFTA 2.0.

"Corporate lobbyists are spending millions of dollars to try to ram NAFTA 2.0 through Congress this fall.

Please spend three minutes today calling your representative to demand “No Vote on NAFTA 2.0 Until It’s Fixed."  This toll-free number that will connect you to the right office:

Call Now: 1-855-973-4213

(Can’t call now? Sign this petition.)

Why are corporate elites so anxious to see NAFTA 2.0 passed as written? 

Big Pharma loves the deal Trump put on offer because it guarantees them monopoly powers to delay generic competition and to lock in high drug prices.


Outsourcers are happy that NAFTA 2.0’s labor and environmental standards are still too weak to stop them from moving jobs abroad to take advantage of low wages and lax environmental rules. 


Big Oil is lobbying for the deal because it lets them attack Mexican climate and environmental policies.


But we will not sit by and let these massive corporations control our future.


Today, people nationwide are flooding Congress with calls with the simple message that, “No vote should be held on NAFTA 2.0 until its Big Pharma giveaways are removed, and its labor and environmental standards are strengthened!”

This National Call-In Day is backing up other great work happening in Congressional districts throughout the country this summer — including cross-sector delegation meetings, bird-dogging, postcard deliveries and more.  Please call now!

Making this call is quick and easy — and really makes a difference.  (If you’re unable to call now, you can still help by signing this petition.)


Democrats in Congress are demanding critical improvements to the NAFTA 2.0 deal needed to protect jobs, access to medicine and the environment. But Trump and the corporations that stand to benefit are pushing for a vote on the deal as-is as soon as possible.


If we all take action together today, by calling our representatives in their local offices, we can create real momentum to ensure Congress stands up to the powerful special interests and refuses to vote on the deal unless and until it’s fixed.

Please take action now by calling 1-855-973-4213."