DFL Leaders: Here are our Goals for this Year's Legislative Session

From Star Tribune, 3/11/16:  Overall, Minnesota is doing better — much better — than in recent years. We have a $900 million budget surplus; unemployment is at a 15-year low, and businesses are creating jobs. Still, too many Minnesotans are feeling left behind in an economy that too often favors the wealthy few.  Republicans will say the answer is big tax cuts for the wealthy, corporations and special interests. But that choice threatens to put our state back into deficit and will not address the economic challenges facing Minnesota families. Instead, we must build an economy that works for all Minnesotans — not just the wealthy few.  As your elected leaders, we submit our ideas for the coming legislative session:  Build a better transportation system: You get what you pay for. That’s why our roads, bridges and transit systems are in such bad shape. For decades, politicians have refused to make the decisions necessary to fix the pavement under our feet — and our economy has suffered because of it... read entire article here.