Early Agreements in Contract Language - Wedge Warehouse (CPW) Negotiation

The Union and the Employer met at the offices of Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services (FMCS) on September 22, 2015 for our first session of negotiations.  The Union and the Employer each presented proposals for changes and clarifications to the contract.  The Union's proposals focused on clarifying and making available job descriptions, seniority lists, increasing the size of the work force, increasing retirement benefits, paid sick days, and substantial wage increases.  The Employer's proposals were largely language clarifications and the Union was able to agree to many of these suggested changes. The Employer agreed to create, maintain, and make available complete job descriptions, maintain and post seniority lists and add language related to bargaining, the rates of pay for new job titles and volutary overtime by seniority.  The Employer did not present an economic (wage and benefit) proposal.  Both the Union and the Employer were in agreement that the position of "purchasing lead" was better suited to a non-union management position to be renamed "purchasing manager."  Attached are both the Union's and the Employer's proposals along with my (Jennifer's) notes on the "TAs" (Tentative Agreements). cpw2015proposals.pdf 

Members with questions on negotiations should contact a member of the bargaining committee (Erik, Patricia, Gary, or Dan), Union Representative Abe Wangnoo or Secretary Treasurer Jennifer Christensen.

The Union and the Employer are scheduled to meet for future negotiations on October 6 and 13.  The Union and the Employer have agreed to extend the current collective bargaining agreement (union contract) on a meeting-to-meeting basis.  extension.pdf