Fight for All Frontline Workers Continues on Workers' Memorial Day!

Today, April 28, is Worker’s Memorial Day, when we remember workers who lost their lives on the job and recognize the impact these losses have on their families and communities. This includes the many workers who contracted COVID and were lost as a result of working during the pandemic. Without these workers, the country would have collapsed, with no food, healthcare, or emergency services.

Unfortunately, some people don’t think that all of these workers are deserving of the same recognition. While nurses and doctors certainly deserve to be celebrated, it would be wrong to overlook people like our retail grocery workers who kept us fed or the housekeeping and dietary workers in long-term care who fed and cared for the elderly and disabled.

It is WRONG for people like Senator Karin Housely to say that those workers are not frontline workers, were not essential, and do not deserve compensation for risking their health and safety. Watch the video to see how little she thinks of these workers’ sacrifices and click here to contact Majority Leader Jeremy Miller to say that these workers WERE and ARE essential frontline workers!