Help Walmart Workers!

We need your help. On Monday, April 13th, more than 500 of my coworkers and I were suddenly laid off at the Pico Rivera Walmart store in Southern California, with no more than hours’ notice. It’s not right, and we have to do something about it. The Pico Rivera store was the first-ever store where Walmart workers went on strike, sparking a nationwide movement for change. Over the last several years, we've inspired thousands of Walmart workers around the country to stand up for better treatment, better pay, and respect. Now we need your help as we fight to save our jobs.Can you call Walmart corporate headquarters and tell CEO Doug McMillon to reinstate all of the workers laid off in the recent store closings? Call (479) 273-4000 and press 3 for their main office.Pico Rivera was one of five stores shut down suddenly around the country, totaling more than 2,000 workers who were laid off without guarantee of getting our old jobs back, or even a transfer to a nearby store. Walmart says all these stores have plumbing problems, but city officials in Pico Rivera and the other locations are saying Walmart hasn’t applied for any plumbing work permits.Maybe Walmart thinks that by closing the store, they can stifle our movement. Little do they know the company has only added fuel to the fire. I'm a single mom of three children who has worked at Pico Rivera for four years. I worry how I'll pay my rent, but I won't stop fighting for what's right. We won’t tolerate this kind of retaliation when we just want a better life for ourselves and our families. Will you call Walmart corporate headquarters and ask for CEO Doug McMillon today? Ask that workers be transferred to a nearby Walmart store and given our jobs back when our store reopens: 479-273-4000 (Press 3 for their main office.)We are all Pico Rivera. Let’s show Walmart that we’ll keep fighting, no matter what obstacles they put in our way.