How Trump's Budget Impacts Hardworking Families

How the Proposed Budget from the Trump adminstration affects Hardworking FamiliesEliminates funding and ends Community Development Block Grants Programs that helps cities fund such programs as Meals-On-Wheels, fund after school programs, and build parks.End LIHEAP- the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program which provides funds to help elderly people pay monthly heating bills in the winter.End Legal Assistance Services- it would end funding for the Legal Services Corporation, which helps people with their legal issues, such as fighting evictions in court or getting protection from domestic violence.Ends Federal Funding for Sesame Street- it would eliminate funding for Corporations for Public Broadcasting.Cuts Before and After School Programs- families rely on these programs for food and child care when school is out.We need to get the word out and fight these cuts.For more information and materials, consider becoming a worksite coordinator.Calll Bernie Hesse at 651.216.3827 or e-mail