Important Message from President Gleb on Retail Bargaining

Re: UCFW Local 1189 Bargaining with the St Paul Metro and Duluth Range Area Retailers


Dear Union Family,

We started bargaining with the St Paul Metro Retail Grocers on March 21, 2022 and the Duluth Range Area Grocers on March 31, 2022.

The Duluth Range Area’s major grocers are Super-One and Mount Royal Fine Foods, who are both under the ARGA contract. We have completed the non-economics and moved one of the Union’s non-economic proposals to economics. We will be providing the employer with the Union’s full economic proposal once we have verified that they provided us with all the information requested of them for bargaining.

The St Paul Metro employers stuck together for a day and a half and then decided to go their separate ways. As of today, Jerry’s Foods is the only employer that has reached a tentative agreement with the Union. The other three Employers are at different stages of the process.

The bottom line with each employer today is:

They are not giving our members the RESPECT that they deserve for being on the frontlines of a once in a 100-year pandemic.

They are not offering to PROTECT you, your coworkers or your families by adequately funding our Healthcare Plan.

They are surly not offering PAY befitting your efforts over the last two years and for what you continue to do during what has been described as record sales and profits never seen before in the history of the retail grocery industry.

I am asking members to STAND TOGETHER FOR YOUR FUTURE. Whether you are in the St Paul Metro area or the Duluth Range area you are an Essential Worker that made your community feel safe during the pandemic, gave them the opportunity to feed their families under uncertain and truly scary times. You did it all with COURAGE and PROFESSIONALISM. Wear your buttons, show your employer you are worth everything that is being asked for in bargaining on your behalf!

This Bargaining will not be done quickly nor without a great deal of effort. Each Bargaining Committee Member deserves your appreciation and support as WE WORK TOGETHER to achieve a Contract that shows you the RESPECT, PROTECTION and PAY you, your coworkers, your families, and the communities you serve know you deserve.

Because we’re stronger when we stand together, we are going to start sending out biweekly updates that cover all retail bargaining. It’s more important than ever that we not only know what is going on with our own store, but with our union family in the other stores and other employers.  

If you would like more information, the daily update for each unit is available here on the Retail Bargaining Page. But we will send a brief unified update so it’s easy to keep up to date with everyone.

The staff of UFCW Local 1189 and I are working everyday with the members of UFCW Local 1189 for Union contracts to be proud of today, tomorrow and into the future.


We Are Stronger Together!




Jim Gleb


UFCW Local 1189