Jerry's Bargaining Update June 7 and 8- No Deal Reached

The Union and Employer met for the first time since the membership resoundingly rejected the latest contract offer. Not a lot of progress was made, but the employer was willing to discuss adding safe and sick time benefits for all workers. Unfortunately, the Employer did not move off the offer the workers already rejected. Their last offer moved the raises up instead of spreading them out every six months, which the committee believes is beneficial, but did not make enough forward movement to make a deal and in some ways felt like it was going backward. 

In the end, the Union decided to end so that they could cost out the Employer's latest proposal. The two sides will meet again with a federal mediator on June 21st. 

Read the Union's last proposal here

Read the Employer's latest proposal here (it is wrongly labled "union response" but is from the Employer)