Let's Stop the TPP for Good Right Now! (yes. today. now.)

We, the Working Americans are demanding Fair Trade NOT FREE TRADE.TAKE ACTION:  Please call your U.S. Representative at 1-888-659-7351 and urge him or her to publicly reject all TPP-like trade deals now.NOW is the time to STOP TPP (Trans Pacific-Partnership trade deal)! If there was one thing voters agreed on during this contentious election season, it's that we've had enough of backroom trade deals. The TPP epitomizes the unjust, rigged-system the majority so clearly opposes.  We want to work.  We don’t want our jobs shipped overseas.  We don’t want a future where our children are working for low, low, wages.  We don’t want to live a life in debt with a house full foreign made crap. Our UFCW families want an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.  We want our food safe to eat and water safe to drink.  American companies have started to increase foreign production and processing of beef, pork, and other meats.  Meat processing jobs are tough job – but they are OUR jobs.  We want to be buying food made, raised, grown and processed in the U.S. – not in countries whose quality standards are far below those of the United States.    TAKE ACTION:  Please call Congress now at 1-888-659-7351 and urge them to reject all TPP-style trade agreements.

Here's what to say when you call:  This is [NAME] calling from [CITY/TOWN].  I want to leave a message urging the Representative to publicly state that the TPP should not be revived and that he or she will oppose any future trade agreements like it.  Can you please pass that on for me? Please join me in helping to protect jobs for the UFCW and for America.
(I just did it! It was super easy and only took 30 seconds!).In Solidarity,Jennifer Christensen, President
UFCW Local 1189 Our Union has stood up against the TPP since the beginning.  To read UFCW International Marc Perrone’s 4/15/2015 statement go to:  http://www.ufcw.org/2015/04/15/ufcw-announces-strong-opposition-to-fast-track-and-the-tpp/