Local 1189 Executive Board Results

On June 26, 2018 nominations were held for Local 1189 president, secretary-treasurer, recorder and vice presidents of the southern and northern executive boards.  As required by our bylaws, we held nominations at numerous sites within the jurisdictional boundaries of Local 1189.  Following is a slate of candidates that were nominated and their specific positions:

President:  Jennifer Christensen

Secretary-Treasurer:  Jim Gleb

Recording Secretary:  Jeanine Owusu

Southern Vice Presidents

Grocery Chairman/1st VP:  Kim Madigan

Meat Chairman/2nd VP:  Bob Klingner

Professional Chairman/3rd VP:  Ann Brisson

4th VP:  Terry Hoffmann  

5th VP:  Melissa Zambrano

6th VP:  Terry McMullen

7th VP:  Nathan Noel

8th VP:  Dean Nelson

9th VP:  Adam Evenstad

10th VP:  James Westin

11th VP:  Scottie Rotter

12th VP:  Patricia Morgan

13th VP:  Bob Jordan

14th VP:  Dennis Reeves

Northern Vice Presidents

Northern Director/1st VP:  Abraham Wangnoo

2nd VP:  Kimberly Levens

3rd VP:  Christine Spurlin

4th VP:  Rosetta Gerding

5th VP:  John Trauba

6th VP:  Jacob Lepak

7th VP:  Tony Susnik

8th VP:  Todd Gustafson

There were no other nominations.  The Election Committee has confirmed all nominations and a white ballot has been cast and there is no need to hold an election on July 24, 2018.