Local 1189 Minnesota Legislative Update

We have many bills that are moving and we are rapidly approaching deadlines for both House and Senate.  The big bill for our members in long-term care is HF 316.  The bill modifies the nursing facility reimbursement system and if fully funded would put an additional $200 million into the system.  The problems we have with the bill is simple:

  • No Union sign-off provision
  • No encumbrance language
  • Divides or creates a two-tier system of workers by separating direct care workers from support staff such as dietary, laundry, etc.
  • Would create incentives for more outsourcing given the price base system for support staff costs

How do we solve the above issues?  We will attempt to amend the bill with language requiring nursing facilities to submit their cost report to the collective bargaining representative for approval prior to submitting it to the commissioner of HHS.We are moving the Industrial Hemp bill in both houses.  HF 683/SF 618 is a jobs bill and more.  Hemp is a food, fiber, and fuel.  We have bi-partisan support, but are getting some resistance from law enforcement.  We will be meeting with the Governor’s staff soon and stakeholders to address those issues.HF 1482 is a bill relating to changing provisions in the medical cannabis program.  As with most bills, the following year is a technical bill to clean up any issues or mistakes.  The bill also allows for expedited rulemaking which would add new qualifying medical conditions.SF 1086 is a bill which is titled “Working Parents Act”

  • ARTICLE 1- Working Parents Act
  • ARTICLE 2- Wage Theft Protection
  • ARTICLE 3-Paid Family Leave
  • ARTICLE 4- Earned Sick and Safe Time
  • ARTICLE 5- Fair Scheduling

MN House Information:  www.house.mnMN Senate Information:  www.senate.mn