Lunds and Byerlys Begin Bargaining Ahead of the Rest of the Industry

In a quest to be the industry leader, Lunds and Byerlys stepped out ahead when management requested an early start to this year's Retail Grocery and Meat negotiations.  The Union Committee and the Employer have met twice to discuss proposed changes to the Agreement. Our first meeting was January 29, 2019, both party’s exchanged contract proposals. Our next meeting was on  February 25, 2019, during this meeting the employer revised and dropped some of their proposals.  Both sides have agreed to wait for further bargaining until the Health and Welfare Fund trustees determine the expected premiums for health insurance in the coming years.Negotiations start with the rest of the Retail Industry on March 7,  2019 (UNFI, Jerry's, Knowlan's, Kowalski's). Union and Employer trustees are scheduled to meet on March 13, 2019 to discuss the St Paul food employers health care plan.Our next industry meeting is scheduled for March 25 & 26, 2019. Please watch for further updates.Union Bargaining committee:   Jennifer Christensen, President     Michael Dreyer, Union representative    Union Members:   Kim Madigan, Terry Hoffman, Terry McMullen, Deb Mahmood-Pabarcus, Buddy Bertrand-Pregler