Lunds & Byerlys Bargaining Continues, Extension Signed

The Union Committee met with Lunds & Byerlys again on April 8 and finally heard their entire economic package. As a reminder, the Employer presented this as a total package, meaning the Union cannot accept part of it without agreeing to the entire thing. While some parts of the package seem agreeable, especially at first blush, there is a lot to object to in the Employer’s offer.

For example, the new PTO rates seem beneficial at a glance. However, the PTO accrual rate will not reflect the actual hours an employee works, but be capped at 35 or 40 hours per week. So for Meat Department workers working 48 hours or Part-Timers working 39 hours, they will lose out on accruals for those hours.

The Employer also proposed an increased wage scale. However, workers would only be credited their current wage, not their years of service. So if a Part-Time employee is making $16.40, they will only be at step 4 of the new scale, and it will take them years to reach the top. This also means new people coming in could make the same amount as someone who has worked there for years, which is already a problem.

Additionally, the Employer has proposed removing all workers from the Union 401K plan and moving them to the 401K the Employer controls. While the Employer made a lot of promises about the advantages their plan has over Local 1189’s, the Employer would also be able to change any of those benefits. Everyone vested in the 1189 plan would be starting over, possibly delaying retirement.

Some progress was made, and there are a couple of items in the Employer proposal that are interesting to the committee, but the two sides were still far enough apart that Friday ended without any new tentative agreements, and with an extension signed between the parties. Lunds & Byerlys bargaining will resume on April 18.

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