Lunds & Byerlys Bargaining Update Day 2- Economic and Non-Economic

The Union bargaining committee met with the Employer's representatives again on Wednesday, April 6, and continued to discuss non-economic proposals before eventually moving into the economic proposals. The two sides were able to come to an agreement on language about jury duty.

The Union's economic proposals include improvements to vacation accrual, sick time, and of course, significant wage increases. The team from Lunds & Byerlys did not have a response for the Union by the end of the day but did start to present their economic proposal. Unfortunately, the Employer's team decided to present their entire economic proposal as a package deal, which means the Union cannot separate out proposals and would have to agree to everything the Employer is asking for. The Employer was only prepared to present the first half of their proposal, and since the committee doesn't know what the rest will say, we will share the total package when we have all the information.

It is unusual for the first proposal to be a package like this, because it essentially means that if there's anything bad in it, the Union will have to reject everything even if there are some good ideas. The Union committee doesn't think that this creates an environment for real negotiating, but we would be happy to be proven wrong about our serious concerns in the next session.

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