Lunds Non-Economic Bargaining Update

The Union and Employer met today, April 4, to continue discussion on non-economic proposals from both parties.  For quick reference, please see links:

PDF icon 2022 South Non Economic Day 1.pdf

PDF icon LFHI 1189_Employer Non-Economic Proposal_03-23-2022.pdf

The parties previously tentatively agreed to the Union and Employer's gender neutral language proposal.  The parties were able to reach tentative agreements on all but two of the Employer's non-economic proposals, which are language clean-up issues, no takeaways.  The Union presented a counter proposal to the Employer's jury duty language change, which the Employer advised they will respond to at our next scheduled date, which is April 6.

The Employer presented an overview of their course of action and policies related to the effect of COVID-19 pandemic and civil unrest to their business.