Make it Easier for Researches to Study the Effects of Medicinal Marijuana

From  Hundreds of thousands of veterans are affected by PTSD. It’s crippling, it can be life-threatening, and it’s treatable -- researchers believe cannabis could be the key to finding a life-saving treatment. The only problem is, they can’t get the marijuana they need to conduct their research.  We can’t let this potentially life-changing treatment be stalled any longer, but as of now, there are too many roadblocks to the studies needed to prove cannabis’ effectiveness. Currently, all U.S. clinical trials involving cannabis must purchase their research cannabis from the federal government, which only grows it at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) at the University of Mississippi. But Ole Miss is unable to provide the right strains researchers need. This leaves valuable research hanging, and wastes precious time.  Read the entire petition and sign it here.