Making Progress in ARGA Negotiations

The ARGA committee and the Employers met on April 15-16 in Duluth. We made some progress but not much. We have signed off on the tentative agreements that were done at the last meeting.
During the two days of negotiations, the Employer dropped nothing from their Meat proposal. We did agree to delete #5 b. which is "Vacation pay will be paid at the beginning of the vacation period, if requested." We also agreed to this in their grocery proposal. The Employer would drop their ACA proposal if we would drop #4, 11, 13, and 15. We did not agree to.
The Employer proposals we agreed to their # 3 c. 4A.11 to delete "Sunday operations shall be outside the regular work week for purposes of Health and Welfare contributions." This was language cleanup. On #7 b. 10.5A we agreed to delete "The Employees' schedules prior to the 1999-2002 contracts that were affected as a result of combined seniority lists, shall continue." We felt no one would be impacted on this. The Employer also gave us a proposal to delete their ACA language if we dropped our numbers 4, 5, 10,11,12,13, and 14. We countered with we would drop #4, change #5 to one additional day after 20 years of service, drop #12, 14. They did not agree to that.
We also had some discussion on several items in both proposals and think we have resolved some issues.
Our next meeting dates are May 12 and 13. We start at 9:00 a.m. both days. We are looking for more dates in June and hopefully we will have a tentative agreement in place by then. Remember there is no hurry to a bad deal.
Initial proposals from the Union and the Employer: ArgaUnionMeat.pdf  ArgaEmployerMeat.pdf  ArgaUnionGrocery.pdf  ArgaEmployerGrocery.pdf