Meet the Local's Servicing Stewards

Local 1189 Servicing Stewards provide a critical connection between the Union Representatives, Union Stewards at the work-site, and the members.  In an effort to reach more members more often, improve communication between members, stewards and the Union office, and increase visibility in the workplace, Local 1189's pioneer project continues to grow.  Union Servicing Stewards pictured with President Christensen are: (back row) Jake Lepak,  Essentia Duluth; Scottie Rotter, Festival Foods; Melissa Madison,St. Mark's Austin; Laura Defoe, Super One Superior, and Gayla Morrison Prescott Rehab (not pictured is Dan Swanson, Cub Foods).  The Servicing Stewards Program allows union stewards to gain additional experience as a Union Representative by visiting and providing support to work-sites other than their own. The Stewards are able to provide additional support to Union Stewards and members, and can assist in situations where a Union Steward is not available. Servicing Stewards like Laura and Gayla have been working in  Wisconsin- a right to work (for less) state- signing up new members to the Union.  Their role is critical in building union power! Scottie has been checking in regularly with our retail stores, and Dan has done great work making sure our overnight crews have an opportunity to connect with the Union.  Melissa has begun to work with the southern MN nursing home members and stewards, providing the extra support and visibility. Jake has branched out from his own industry in health care and is checking in with Duluth retail workers as well.  Please welcome these stewards into your workplace, share your concerns about the job, your contract, and your union. Their role is to provide you with the extra support when you need it. If you have thoughts on how to make this program even better, or are interested in becoming a steward or Servicing Steward, contact your Union Representative or President Christensen for more information.