A Message from UFCW 1189 Steward Laura Defoe: How the Union has Made an Impact

Hello fellow Union Members, my name is Laura and I am an employee at Super One – Harbor View in Superior, WI. I am also a fighter for the good and for what is right. I started at Super One in October of 2016. I was so excited to get started and make all the difference I could in my workplace. My father had told me to be sure to join the Union. He had been a longtime member himself and he wanted me to learn all I could and get involved. As a daddy’s girl, I was sure to listen. I signed up right away and then started learning all that I could. I made sure that every new employee in the deli (my department) knew about the Union and encouraged them all to get signed up. At this time, my father was battling cancer and we were told he didn’t have much time. I wanted more than ever to make him proud by doing more and being more involved in a cause he cared about, but I wasn’t sure what more I could do.I continued to work hard and tried to make a difference, but it seemed like a hopeless fight. It had been two and a half years and I felt like I was unable to make much change. Now my father was at the end of his fight and through it all he showed me a strength I never knew existed. I wanted to honor everything special to him, but I still felt like I wasn’t doing enough. I was at a total loss.One day our local Union Rep came to me in the deli and told me that all of my hard work was appreciated and wasn’t going unnoticed. He asked me if I would be interested in going to a three day training so that I could learn to be a Union steward. I felt as if it was a gift from heaven.After completing the amazing training, I was empowered and motivated. I got started right away and I am now a walking steward for UFCW Local 1189. Having a voice and making sure that others know that they have a voice is an amazing thing. I am so proud to be a part of making UFCW 1189 a strong Union. If my father could see me now, I know he would be so proud too. Thank you UFCW Local 1189 for this amazing opportunity.
Laura Defoe