Miner's and Mount Royal Negotiations Update April 12-14

The Union and the Employer met on April 12, 13, and 14 to continue bargaining over non-economic proposals. Non-economic issues are the issues that do not have a dollar amount attached to them but affect the day-to-day working conditions in the stores. The Union is committed to making sure the everyday work rules for members are the best they can be.

Through the hard work of the committee, the Union was able to get the Employer to move on several items and withdraw 8 of their original 20 proposals. The Union and the Employer tentatively agreed to proposals on technological changes and health and safety. The proposal on technological changes would protect Union jobs from any advances in technology that may happen in the future. The health and safety proposal created a committee made up of members, Union representatives and Employer representatives to meet and discuss safety and health concerns in the stores and to work together to solve those problems and help to train and provide a safe and healthy work environment.

The Employer offered a package deal that came with some take aways for members, but the Union was able to counter those proposals with a more comprehensive package that better reflected the working conditions the members deserve.

The Union and the Employer signed a contract extension that will be in effect through April 29. Our next bargaining sessions are April 28 and 29.

We will continue to fight for the respect, protections and pay our members deserve!


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