MN Medical Marijuana Manufacturer Optimistic Prices Could Drop Soon

From, 11/1/16:  It's been three months since chronic pain became a qualifying condition for medical marijuana in Minnesota. While the program continues to struggle with low enrollment and high costs, some see reasons for optimism.  One such reason is a recent uptick in patients. According to the most recent numbers from the state, more than 700 health care practitioners are now authorized to certify patients for the state's medical marijuana program, and nearly 4,000 Minnesotans are now enrolled.  "Going from 18 medications to three medications, and my cannabis has been the best thing that has ever happened to me," Jody Taylor-Haye said Tuesday morning.  She's one of many chronic pain patients who say the last three months have been life-changing.  But the program is far from perfect.  "We're competing with Percocet, where you can basically buy a bottle of 60 or 90 Percocet that can kill most people, and you can get that for a $6 copay," explained Minnesota Medical Solutions CEO Dr. Kyle Kingsley. "So it's really hard to compete with that."  Minnesota Medical Solutions is one of two medical marijuana manufacturers in Minnesota. Since chronic pain became a qualifying condition, Kingsley said they've gained about 1,000 new patients, calling it "an objectively good thing."  Read entire article here.