Negotiations Begin with Mercy Hospital

Your bargaining committee started negotiations on August 23, 2019 and are scheduled to meet again on September 13.  We were able to make progress and will be starting to negotiate wages and benefits.  Thank you to everyone who filled out a survey or spoke with a bargaining committee member.  Those surveys and conversations are what drive the proposals.  Your bargaining committee is made up of your fellow coworkers:  Christy C, Angel F, Kim H and Jay T and UFCW Staff Representatives Bruce Bergh, James Westin and Stacy Spexet.  Without a Union you would not have a voice in the workplace; you would not be able to have a steward sit in on an investigation.  No Union means you cannot negotiate your workplace rules and management gets to make all of the rules and implement the work rules.  Without a Union your schedule could change at a moment’s notice and day to day.  Without a Union you can be fired at any time for any reason.