Next Steps in Fast Track Fight

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Please call 888-966-9836 and PLEASE URGE YOUR SENATOR TO VOTE NO ON "CLOTURE" FOR FAST TRACK. Vote could be as early as Tuesday!

In case you didn’t hear yet, things didn't go our way in the House, so the Fast Track fight now heads back to the Senate, with a new vote
expected as early as this Tuesday.

In a close vote, the House approved Fast Track legislation yesterday. While we obviously would have preferred the House to just kill Fast
Track outright yesterday, there is still another opportunity for us to prevent this train wreck.

Thanks to your hard work, the House was unable to muster the votes to pass the Fast Track bill that just barely squeaked through the Senate in
May.  As such, the House resorted to approving a different version of the legislation, meaning that the Senate now has to vote all over again. 

As short-sighted and inappropriate as the original Ryan-Hatch Fast Track bill was, the House package is actually even worse.  It would weaken
human trafficking measures; eliminate simple currency measures and other enforcement provisions; and even prohibit the consideration of
climate solutions in future trade negotiations.  Senators now have even more reason to vote no than they did last time around.

For those Senators concerned about job retraining programs for displaced workers or the future of the Export-Import Bank, this package also
relies on Democrats simply trusting in the goodwill of House Republicans to pass those later, even though they are openly hostile to both.

The fact that the House could not find the votes to pass the Senate-approved Fast Track bill is a testament to the strong public opposition to
the legislation.  That said, Senators absolutely need to hear from you and your supporters again now.

The Senate is expected to hold a “cloture” vote on Fast Track this Tuesday, June 23 — which would require the support of 60 Senators for the
bill to proceed.  In May, they found 62 votes.  Given the even more-heinous nature of what they’re being asked to vote upon now, together, we
can flip some.