NO! To Fast Track

Fast Track legislation that would enable the passage of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been introduced in both the House and the Senate. Passage of the TPP will make it easier for corporations to ship jobs overseas and undermine our wages by putting Americans in competition with workers making less than 60 cents per hour. We can't allow this bill to pass!

Call your Representative and Senators TODAY and tell them to vote NO on Fast Track!

In Minnesota, please call Amy Klobuchar, who has been silent on this issue, and Representatives Emmer, Kline, and Paulsen, who have been vocal in their support for outsourcing jobs and allowing foreign governments to dictate to the United States. It’s time for them to know that Minnesotans do not want our jobs outsourced and we do not bow to foreign dictates.

We thank Senator Franken, Representatives Nolan, McCollum, Ellison, Peterson, and Walz for their support of working families!

In Wisconsin, call Representative Paul Ryan, who is a co-author of this disastrous bill.  Call Senator Ron Johnson, Representatives Sensenbrenner, Grotham, Duffy, and Ribble, too, and let them know that this bill is bad for working families, it’s bad for jobs, and it’s bad for Wisconsin.

We thank Senator Tammy Baldwin, and Representatives Pocan, Kind, and Moore for their support of working families!

Need help finding your representatives? Look them up here.About Fast TrackFast Track Trade Promotion Authority is an ill-advised and outdated method of handling international trade and, if this bill passes, it will usher in one of the worst trade deals ever conceived. Not only would Fast Track enable the speedy passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership that will threaten American jobs, the environment, our food supply, and more, it will also be a clear message to our friends and foes alike that the United States won't defend the basic human rights of LGBT people and women, if the price is right.The lopsided corporate giveaways in the TPP are profound and this Fast Track bill will allow it to sail through Congress without any meaningful debate and with no way to make changes even if legislators wanted to fix some of the worst issues. Every American who earns a paycheck should be concerned about the TPP. For LGBT people and women around the world, the problems in TPP are heightened by the inclusion of Brunei and Malaysia in the agreement. These two countries are some of the worst abusers of human rights for women and LGBT in the world and our government is set to crawl in bed with them by signing this sweetheart trade agreement that has no end date and would make give both countries privileged trade status.Only by rejecting Fast Track can Congress ensure that it can exercise its constitutionally mandated authority to vet and approve trade policy. Legislators must act now, by voting down Trade Promotion Authority, if they are to preserve their ability to amend the TPP to protect American jobs, women, LGBT people, and the environment or to fix any of the other myriad mistakes in the TPP."Take ActionIn addition to calling your representatives in Congress, this Saturday, April 18th, is a global day of action to say no to Fast Track and TPP. With events scheduled in nearly every major city around the country, there is almost certainly an event scheduled near where you live or work and we encourage you to find one you can attend.Our friends and Citizens Trade Campaign are tracking all of the events. Find the one nearest you on their website.