Northern Pines Clerical Workers Pass New Agreement

A special thanks goes out to Cathy Larson and Michele Otto for their role in negotiating a new 3-year contract for the clerical staff at Essentia’s Northern Pines Medical Center. They made their voices heard throughout the process and on October 12 membership voted unanimously to accept a new 3-year deal. The new CBA will force the Employer to pay a 1-hour minimum for any meetings that are scheduled during an employee’s day off where previously, the Employer could pay as little as fifteen minutes. The members will also see across the board wage increases, and increases to their disability and life insurance coverage. Cathy and Michele also made sure their voices were heard when they told their Employer that the members' job duties have increased dramatically over the last few years and the membership has shouldered these extra responsibilities with grace and professionalism. Recognizing these additional duties, Essentia has agreed to perform an audit on the PSA position, as a whole, to determine if it needs to increase another tier. In addition, a $200 bonus will be paid on ratification, just in time for the holiday season.  Once again, thank you to Cathy and Michele for their strength and perseverance in getting the best deal possible, and congratulations to all the clerical members at Northern Pines Medical Center. We truly are stronger together.