Northern Retail Grocery and Meat Workers Select Bargaining Committee

Local 1189 members working in Northern Minnesota grocery stores covered by the ARGA (Arrowhead Retail Grocers' Alliance) selected representatives from their stores to serve on the 2019 ARGA Negotiating committee.  Members were able to self nominate, or nominate a coworker in person, on-line, or through mail in survey process. President Christensen reserved the right to appoint additional members as needed in order to ensure all committees were representative of the membership.  The following is a list of nominated and selelcted union members who have agreed to serve on the 2019 Negotiating Committee for the ARGA Grocery and Meat negotiations:Congratulations on being selected to serve.

  • Brenda Toms (Super One Miller Hill)
  • Loren Lindgren (Super One Virginia South)
  • Laura Defoe (Super One Harborview)
  • Bonnie Garner (Super One Two Harbors)
  • Karlie Mattson (Super One Grand Rapids North)
  • Tammy Senogles (Super One Grand Rapids North)
  • Shelly Westerlund (Super One Pike Lake)
  • Peter Altonen (Mt. Royal Market)
  • Aaron Itkonen (Super One Grand Rapids)
  • Todd Gustafson (Super One Miller Hill)
  • Roger Saralampi (Super One Virginia South)
  • Eric Hill (Super One Lakeside)
  • Lee Enke (Super One West Duluth - MEAT)
  • John Trauba (Super One Harbor View - MEAT)
  • Patrick Wheale (Super One Cloquet - MEAT)
  • Jeffrey DeHart (Super One Grand Rapids MEAT)

Members of the bargaining committee, are required to attend training session with the full Union Bargaining Committee.   The Bargaining Committee Training will be held on Wednesday. February 6, 2019 from 11am – 3pm at the Duluth Labor Temple, Hall BLabor Education Services from the U of M will be here to provide information on the negotiations process, bargaining strategies, and any laws that govern Union negotiations.  We will also be discussing and reviewing member surveys, finalizing Union proposals, answering questions, and establishing the expectations for the committee.