Northern Union Members Exchange Proposals with ARGA Employers

March 6, 2019 - the Union Bargaining committee made up of Northern Union members working at Super One and Mount Royal stores met with the ARGA  Employers (Arrowhead Retail Grocers Alliance) to exchange proposals.  The Union's proposals were focused on increasing the equity among classifications by removing all two-tier rates and benefits, maintaining health care, and improving the wage structure across all classifications.  The Employer's initial offer contained many proposals to remove benefits for long-service members.

Click on the links to view the Union's proposals:

2019 ARGA Meat Single Proposals.pdf

2019 ARGA Summary of Meat Proposals correct.pdf

2019 ARGA Grocery single proposals.pdf

2019 ARGA Summary of Grocery Proposals correct.pdf

2019 ARGA Union Initial Wage Proposal 03062019.pdf

Click on the link to view the Employers' proposals:

PDF iconARGA Employers proposal 03062019.pdf

The two sides are scheduled to meet and respond to each other's proposals at their next bargaining session on March 19, 2019.