Only 35% of Job Openings in Minnesota Require Education or Training Beyond High School

JOBS NOW Coalition
Statewide Job Openings Report—Part 1
September 2015The share of Minnesota job openings that require post-secondary education or training beyond high school is smaller than it’s been in 14 years, according to the state’s updated Job Vacancy Survey from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).  Only 35 percent of all openings require education or training beyond high school.  *Workers are often told that their stagnating wages are caused by a “skills-deficit,” that they cannot expect their wages to rise until they obtain the education and training required to do the jobs that remain unfilled.  But these notions are easily contradicted by the Minnesota Job Vacancy Survey, which shows that the share of openings that require post-secondary is not rising but falling.  By showing that only one out of three job openings now require education or training beyond high school, DEED’s survey points toward a clear and unmistakable conclusion: Minnesota’s workers do not have a “skills-deficit.”  What they have instead is a “wage-deficit.”Questions?  Contact Kevin Ristau at or 651-290-0240.* Figures for job openings are from second quarter 2015.