Political Appeal of Bashing American Unions May Have Peaked

From bloomberg.com, 9/28/15:  Unions might never recover the strength they had decades ago, but recent signs suggest renewed support for labor, or at least an end to its run as a Republican bogeyman.  After building a campaign around his battle with government workers, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker abruptly ended his presidential campaign Sept. 21. His decision came a month after a Gallup Poll found that support for unions jumped 5 percentage points in the past year to its highest level nationwide since 2008.  “People are waking up and realizing that unions are important to establishing balance in our economy,” said Stephanie Bloomingdale, secretary-treasurer of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO. “People are very anxious about what’s happening to the American middle class. And income inequality is at an all-time high.”  Read entire article here.