President Christensen Announces her Retirement on August 31, 2021

I am proud to have been a member for more than 30 years, as a part-time deli worker, working in a seafood department, as a journeyman meat-cutter, then an organizer, the communications direction, a union representative, secretary treasurer and President, and then being selected as a member of our Union’s International Executive board – I am honored and humbled by the opportunities this Union has given me.

I have worked hard to be the kind of president and the kind representative our Union members deserve. Together we have built a strong organization where members continue to have real input on their contracts and in their workplaces, where workers have a collective voice, and one where our compass is always pointed toward the direction of what is best for workers – because our members work hard, and they deserve the best representation we can give.

Our staff now is the best it has ever been. So many qualified caring forceful advocates who are dedicated to the fight for workers. Our executive board members take their roles in the oversight and management of our local seriously, making decisions that keep the focus on workers, their families, and on social and economic justice.   

I have worked a lot of hours and taken time away from my family because there was a job that had to be done, a worker that needed someone to talk to, or an employer that needed to be delt with.  I finally found someone who can live with me. If we have not learned anything this past year – we have learned the importance of spending time with the people that matter in our lives. I married a man ten years older than me and I would like for us to be able to enjoy some time together doing the things we like. I would like to spend more time with my grandson and my children. Maybe go see the Grand Canyon.  

It is with my heart filled with love and gratitude for our union and with the greatest confidence that the best is yet to come, that I am announcing my intent to retire at the end of my term (August 31, 2021).


On June 8, 2021, the following Executive Officers and Vice Presidents were nominated for office with beginning September 1, 2021. The officers were unopposed; therefore, no election will be necessary. The nominees were declared elected to office by acclamation.

Congratulations to President elect Jim Gleb, and Secretary Treasurer elect Abraham Wangnoo on your new positions and to Recording Secretary Tami Denn-Bauer and the Local 1189 Vice Presidents on your re-election.


Executive Officers:

President                                   Jim Gleb

Secretary-Treasurer                 Abraham Wangnoo

Recording Secretary                Tami Denn-Bauer


Southern Vice Presidents

1st VP Grocery Chair             Kim Madigan             Lunds&Byerlys - Roseville

2nd VP Meat Chair                Dean Nelson              Cub – Phalen

3rd VP Professional Chair     Ann Brisson               Rose of Sharon

4th VP                                      Terry Hoffmann        Lunds&Byerlys - Highland

5th VP                                      Dan Timp                   The Wedge

6th VP                                      Terry McMullen        Lunds&Byerlys - Roseville

7th VP                                      Nathan Noel              Vireo (Green Goods)

8th VP                                      Sarah Allen                New Harmony

9th VP                                      Joe Crow                    Kowalski’s - OakParkHgts

10th VP                                    Troy Hattemer          SB Foot

11th VP                                    Scottie Rotter            Festival - WBL

12th VP                                    Michelle Armstrong  Estates at Lynnhurst

13th VP                                    Kimberly Nelson        Prescott Nursing & Rehab

14th VP                                    Dennis Reeves           Cub - Midway


Northern Vice Presidents

1st VP                                       Al Priolo                       Senior Staff member            

2nd VP                                     Kimberly Levens          Mayo Clinic Ambulance

3rd VP                                      Lori Siegle                     Cub - Duluth

4th VP                                      Rosetta Gerding          Interfaith Care Center

5th VP                                      John Trauba                 Super One - Superior

6th VP                                      Susan Boorsma           Whole Foods Coop - Dnfld

7th VP                                      Tony Susnik                  Super One - Superior

8th VP                                      Todd Gustafson           Super One – Miller Hill



1. President Elect and current Secretary Treasurer Jim Gleb, President Jennifer Christensen, Secretary Treasurer Elect and current Northern Director Abe Wangnoo

2. President Elect and current Secretary Treasurer Jim Gleb, President Jennifer Christensen, Recording Secretary Tami Denn-Bauer