Rally for Raises and Respect!

AFSCME3800.org:  On Tuesday, September 29th from 12-1pm please join AFSCME 3800, AFSCME 3937 & Teamsters 320 at our Rally for Raises & Respect at Morrill Hall! We need to turn up the heat, show the University “No More Business As Usual,” & show our bargaining team they have our support.

On September 29th our negotiating committee meets with management. So far the University’s Administration has only offered us insults. Their wage offer is .375%; “No” to equitable parental leave; “No” to restoring the Regent’s Scholarship; “No” to language to deal with bullying bosses; “No” to job security. At our last meeting HR representatives walked out after only 45 minutes.

The bosses at the University continue to get ahead no matter how many scandals they produce to harm the reputation of our University. Eric Kaler & Co. wants to run this public, land grant institution like a corporation. Kaler has described our University as a “business” and himself as the “CEO.” The basketball coach & football coach were recently given raises of $400K & $300K, respectively. More than 220 administrators earn more than $150K per year. The University covered up a sex discrimination lawsuit against their Athletic Director by paying the plaintiff $175K.

In the meantime, 475 workers at the University make less than $15 an hour. We struggle to pay our bills & can’t save for the future. We struggle to raise our children & pay our student loans. Our bosses get six weeks of parental leave while we only get two weeks. Union workers are the most diverse group on campus & are disproportionately women.

The University has the money to pay us living wages. They have the money to prioritize the workers in critically important positions instead of rewarding the wealthy administrators that tarnish the accomplishments of the University with scandals. They have the chance to be a part of the solution to stagnating wages & racial inequalities in Minnesota. Right now they are part of the problem.

All out for the Rally for Raises & Respect!