Ramsey County Food & Nutrition Commission Openings

There are currently two openings for appointment by the Ramsey County Board Of Commissioners. The Saint Paul – Ramsey County Food and Nutrition Commission is a forum for public and private stakeholders to assess how local food systems are operating and suggest policies, share information and plan for increased access to safe, affordable and nutritious foods. The Commission will create an action plan laying out a comprehensive vision of Ramsey County’s future in terms of access to healthier foods and sustainable local food systems for food production, distribution and consumption. Some of the issues to be considered could be hunger, nutrition, foods available for in-home and away-from-home consumption, food-related illnesses, culturally specific food availability, economic development in the food arena, community and backyard gardening, locally grown food, farmers’ markets, transportation for distributing and obtaining food, and environmental concerns related to food systems.  For an application(s) and more detailed information on these committees, call 651.266.8001, or on the County’s Website at www.co.ramsey.mn.us/cb/ma/volunteer.htm. All applications are due by February 27, 2015.