Red Wing Tannery Scheduled to Start Negotiations

UFCW members at S.B. Foot Tanning Company in Red Wing are scheduled to begin negotiating a new Agreement on March 1 of this year.  The members at the plant (formerly Local 335) voted to merge with UFCW Local 1189, increasing the size of their local union many times over and increasing their bargaining power at the table.  A Union meeting will be held on February 26 from 2:30 - 3:30 at the Red Wing Labor Hall to discuss the upcoming bargaining process and hear proposals for contract changes and imporvements from the members. Members are asked to fill out surveys and return them to the Union Stewards.The Redwing tannery has been producing fine leathers for use in footwear and leather accessories since 1872.  It is likely that you have worn products produced by our members. Leather producedby our members at S.B. Foot has been used by dozens of different shoe companies and has been crafted into purses, bags, gun holsters, cases, and countless accessories.  The plant is the main leather supplier for Red Wing Shoe Company and a major supplier of leather to the US Military (when a soldier laces up for duty, there is a very good chance he is putting on a boot made from S.B. Foot leather).UFCW Local 1189 has members all along the way. Before the hides reach the tannery in Redwing, they begin in our packing house - Long Prairie Packing.  From there, the raw hides are shipped for processing by our members at Twin City Hide before they are tanned at finnished by the members at S.B. Foot.  The finished leather used to make Red Wing boots and shoes is processed by our Union Brothers and Sisters at UFCW Local 527.