Retail Employers Extend Bonuses as They Increase Worker Safety Measures

Union employers are doing the right thing in announcing the extension of their appreciation pay programs through May. We will get the specifics up shortly, but a big shout out goes to Super One, Kowalski's, Jerry's, Cub (UNFI). and Oxendales (includes Widmer's). The Union has been comunicating your concerns and the employers are responding. Just as we are connecting with out UFCW Unions and our International Union to develop best practices for safety, the employers are looking to the stores on the coasts for ideas. The most important thing for all of us to remember is that we are all in this together - and we will get through this together. 

In response to concerns for member (and customer) safety, the  employers have done the following (some locations may still be working through these plans)

Reducing  store hours  (in most stores except where there are community needs)

Reserving the first hour of shopping each day for those at higher risk of severe illness from Covid-19.

Increased frequency of cleaning throughout the store.

Sanitizing carts and hand baskets

Cleaning the checkout lanes after every customer transaction. 

Encouraging social distancing through the use of signage and floor decals.

Using every other checkout lane to increase distancing for our customers.

Installed plexiglass barriers at the registers as an added safeguard for staff and customers

Providing and allowing gloves

Allowing masks, providing masks in some location - waiting for orders to arrive in others - many employers have these ordered Super One has had a supply for workers and is distributing masks currently.

Temporarily suspending return policies to prevent exposeure.

Temporarily suspended the use of reusable bags in our stores.

Asking shoppers to be mindful of the number of people they’re bringing to the store with them to assist with social distancing.

Closing self-serve food bars.

Actively encouraging staff members to stay home if they’re not feeling well and reminding them of our sick leave options.


In recent days, the the monitoring of the number of customers in the stores is on people's minds, and the Union has been discussing this with the employers. It is reassuring to know that the stores are big enough to keep people safe, if the public provides additional assistance - like sending only one shopper per family (if possible) and if folks make fewer trips to the store (make a list and stock up on what you need if you can).  Employers have indicated that additional signage for social distancing and store capacity will be arriving in many locations to assist the consumer in self monitoring.


Thank you to all the front line workers and thank you to the customers - particularly those that are practicing safe shopping habbits - and thank you to the employers for listening to the members and responding (and even thanks for doing the right thing without the Union having to tell you).


We are all in this together! and we will get through this together.