Retail Members in St. Paul Area Stores Overwhelmingly Ratify Agreements

Union members working at stores operated by St. Paul area grocers overwhelmingly ratified new three year agreements.  Bargining committee members counted votes back at the UFCW 1189 Union Hall in South St. Paul shortly after the close of the voting period (7pm today, April 30, 2019). The Union scheduled times in the break-rooms of each of the 29 stores covered by the Agreements with Corporate Cub (SuperValu/UNFI), Jerry Enterprises (Cub, Jerry's, County Market stores), Kowalski's (Kowalski's Markets, WBL Cub), Lunds & Byerlys and Festival/Knowlan's meat departments (Knowlan's). The in-store voting is essential in providing opportunities for all members of the Union to cast their ballots. "We are proud of our in-store voting, not all Union's vote their contracts this way," said UFCW 1189 President Jennifer Christensen.  "Our members, like many part-time and retail workers, have limited transportation options. If we are truly going to give workers a voice in their workplaces, we need to be sure that everyone has the ability to vote.  It is arrogant for a Union to expect members who don't drive to find a ride or spend hours on the bus or pay for a ride, just to exercise their basic rights as a member of a Union. When our members ratify a contract, we know that it is supported by the true majority of our membership."Thank you to the Union Bargaining committees for all your hard work in fighting for your coworkers. We would also like to express our appreciation to the employers for listening to the concerns of the members and responding with a proposal that we could endorse.