Sign NAFTA Replacement Petition

It’s official.  After repeatedly saying that he will make NAFTA “a lot better” or scrap the deal, Donald Trump just officially informed Congress he plans to renegotiate this notoriously disastrous trade pact with Canada and Mexico.  Of course, Trump hasn’t exactly been true to his word on much of anything.  He uses grandiose proclamations about creating jobs and a new trade policy to distract Minnesotans from his daily disasters. And then he doesn’t deliver.  Sign our petition telling Trump’s top trade negotiator to replace NAFTA with a deal that actually benefits working people in all three NAFTA countries, not just multinational corporations.Trump apparently doesn’t feel the need to share details about his NAFTA plans with the public. His official notice to Congress reveals nothing.  But a month ago, his draft plan leaked. It looked like a wish list written by the droves of corporate CEOs who have visited him at the White House. Here’s some of what it contained:•           Expanded incentives for corporations to offshore jobs.•           More shady NAFTA tribunals of three corporate lawyers who can order taxpayers to fork over unlimited sums to corporations.•           Rollbacks of food safety policies.•           Even more power for Wall Street.Instead of Trump’s campaign promises to make NAFTA better for working people, the document reflects his Corporate Cabinet of millionaires, billionaires and Wall Street executives.  Trump is also keeping the same corporate-dominated process that crafted the TPP and the original NAFTA, in which hundreds of corporate advisers have privileged access to negotiators and everything is done behind closed doors.  Instead of abolishing this corporate advisers’ club, so far it’s business as usual.  And then there’s the ever-present problem of Trump’s pervasive conflicts of interest.We know that the Trump Empire includes 14 Canadian and two Mexican businesses. So in whose interest will he be negotiating?Tell Trump’s top trade negotiator: Replace NAFTA with a deal that puts working people before corporate interests.NAFTA certainly needs to be replaced.  But we need a replacement that puts people and the planet first, not one that hands more power to giant multinational corporations.